Boarding Cattery

Opened in 2005 some distance away from the kennel buildings, all rooms are centrally heated, and can also have additional heating if required. All chalets can hold two to three cats if you have more then one cat. The chalets have full size sneeze barriers between each pen and contain igloos for the cats to sleep in as well as a plastic chair a box to help them jump up to their beds. Owners  are kindly asked to bring there own food as cats can be fussy eaters. (we can supply ours if required). You can bring scratching posts and toys, as for hygiene reasons we do not have these to stop cross infection. We already have a local vets using us, and have had diabetic cats recommended to us from other vets. The building is eventually going to incorporate a large bird aviary, to entertain the cats from a distance.

Small animals – Rabbits  Guinea pigs 

Also situated in the same building as the cattery we have a small animal section to cater and care for such animals as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, birds, etc. The rabbits must have mixy and vhd injections,also in the summer we require the back guard spray to stop fly strike.

We offer a collection and delivery service on all animals!