Dog Boarding Kennels

Individually heated and well insulated buildings provide warm comfortable rooms for all breeds, music is played. We use vet bedding and blankets for warmth, which are washed daily. All rooms have outside covered runs so that during the day time they can go out; we also walk the dogs twice a day across the fields, which makes them very happy! On our grounds we have severn  large play areas where dogs can be socialized,we are planing to increase this over the next year. We take puppies from 10 weeks up to the oldest being a 20 year old basset hound.

In the unfortunate event of a pet becoming ill, one of our vets is just 2 minutes away, and can be left in their care if so required.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated to also include the kennel cough vaccine (which is not the annual booster) we regret that without proof of vaccination no pet will be admitted into our care.

We offer a collection and delivery service of any animals!